Training Rides

August 18 Ride Information

Leading up to the September races and October Gravel Gran Fondo, Spin the District, with the help of several area bicycle clubs will be hosting a series of training/social rides. Each ride will be the third Saturday of every month and will include a short beginner loop as well as an advanced training ride. The rides are intended to bring friends, family, and fellow cyclists together to promote health and fitness while at the same time raising awareness to the ATL Airport District.


Beginner rides: The beginner ride is intended for people who know how to ride and owns a bike that has RECENTLY been checked out by a bike shop and is in good working condition.  These rides will be a casual no drop ride – meaning we will always ride as a group, or we will place an experienced rider with you should you start to fall back from the main group.  These rides will be casual and will cover the basics of riding in a group  (known as a peloton) and on the road. The goal of the beginner ride is first and foremost to have fun, as well as to get you back out riding. We will have plenty of experienced riders to educate and help as we go along. note: There are very few places in Atlanta that is flat. We have attempted to limit the number of hills as best as possible, but there will be some climbing. Pace will be casual

Intermediate rides: The intermediate ride is intended for people who have experience riding but may not feel comfortable riding in a group or on the road, or maybe a little out of shape from not riding as much as you would like. The intermediate ride will also be a no drop ride. These rides will start off easy, covering the basics of riding in a group (known as a peloton) and will advance in speed, distance, and technique as the ride and month’s progress. The goal of the Intermediate ride is to get you to feel comfortable riding in most situations and to prepare you for the October Gran Fondo. The pace of the Intermediate rides will average around 15-16 mph with some stretches that we will increase, depending on the group dynamic.

Advanced ride: The advanced rides are intended for cyclists who are comfortable and have experience riding in a peloton and can ride 50 or more miles. Each ride will include some gravel that can be ridden on a road bike, but it is strongly suggested to not bring your best wheels or bring a bike better suited for gravel. If you only own a road bike, tire widths of 25mm or greater with a tire pressure lower than 90psi is recommended. These rides will be led by several bicycle clubs with experience in leading safe, responsible group rides. The pace will average 17-20 mph on paved roads and will vary in distance and difficulty. The main goal of the advanced ride is to have fun while gaining fitness and practice riding on gravel. These rides will follow a strict two abreast pace line while on the pavement, observing all traffic signals, and will regroup after each gravel segment. These rides will not have a sag and will not have a “no drop” ride policy, minus the gravel sections, and riders will be responsible to know the route and bring all necessary equipment and food to finish by themselves if they lose touch with the group.

Each route includes notes about the route along with recommendations.


Upcoming Rides

August 18: Hapeville
Start location: Drip Coffee
After ride get together: Beer Girl
Start time: 9:00am

Beginner group length: 11 Miles – Map

Intermediate group length: 22 Miles – Map

Advanced group length: 63 miles – Map


Rules and Regulations:

—As with all non-sanctioned rides (suggested local group route), you understand that you are riding on public roads and there are inherent dangers of riding your bicycle on them and that you are riding at your own risk and by participating you accept those risks. You are ultimately responsible for your own personal safety.

Helmets are required!

All minors must be accompanied by an adult. All Juniors with USA Cycling licenses will be allowed to ride on the Advanced rides, but like all advanced riders, they are on their own should they get dropped.

Recumbents, bikes with trailers, trikes and the like – other than a traditional two-wheeled road, mountain or commuter bike – are allowed for the first beginner ride only, but we ask that you ride in the back of the group. This ride is meant to teach people how to ride in a group on the road as a unit and these types of bikes make it hard to do that.

Routes subject to change depending on weather and road conditions

RAIN: In the event of a rainout, we will call the ride by 7:30am the day of the ride. We will ride if it is raining, we will not ride if there is thunder or lightning or imminent thunderstorms in the area.—

What to bring:

Part of being a good cyclist is having the tools and accessories necessary to be self-sufficient, safe, and ready to ride. Below is a general list of items to bring as well as a to-do-list that you should have gone through well before the day of the ride.
•Helmet: Every ride requires every participant to wear an ANSI approved helmet.
•Gear Bag: Under the seat gear bags are suggested and should be stocked it with the basics – extra tube, tire tools, a small multi-tool, and either a mini pump or a CO2 cartridge set.
•Tire Pressure: pump your tires up before coming to the ride. Pump your tires to the suggested PSI rating on your tire.
•Your bike: Give it a quick inspection. Spin the wheels to make sure they aren’t rubbing. Do the gears shift accurately and easily? Does everything seem to be in order? If not, head to your nearest local bike shop for a quick tune-up.
•Hydration/Food: Remember to bring plenty of water and maybe an energy snack (bar, gel, banana, etc – Peanut butter and jelly make the perfect energy bar for those not allergic).
•Optional items: The following will make your ride more enjoyable, but aren’t absolutely necessary. Cycling gloves, sunglasses, cycling shoes and clipless pedals, padded cycling shorts.
•Be on Time: The rides will leave promptly at the advertised time. Get to the start of the ride with plenty of time to get yourself and your bike ready to roll – a minimum of a half-hour is suggested


Past Rides:

July 21: College Park

Start location: Kafenio
After ride get together: TDB
Tentative start time: 9:00am
Beginner group: 12 miles – Map
Intermediate group length: 21 miles – Map
Advanced group length: 62 miles – Map

June 23: East Point 
Start location: Kupcakerie – FREE COFFEE for riders before the ride
After ride get together: OZ Pizza – PIZZA PARTY after the ride for riders
Start time: 9:00am
Beginner group length: 14 miles all on side roads through EP and CP. (Ride time should be roughly 1.5 hours)
Advanced group length: 52 miles with three moderate to easy gravel sections (Ride time should be roughly 3 hours)
Parking: Park on W.Cleveland Ave between East Point Street and Main Street in the gravel City of East Point municipal parking lot. Please do not park behind OZ Pizza, the Grady Clinic or Bank of America Parking lots. Your car could be towed.

Beginner Route: Map
Advanced Route: Map