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Gran Fondo Registration Rules

Individual Participant Registration Fees:

ToughSkin150: 150-mile mixed-gravel distance – $75
Husky100: 100-mile mixed-gravel distance – $50
Denim60: 60-mile mixed-gravel distance – $30
Polyester100: 100-mile road distance – $50
Rayon60: 60-mile road distance – $30
Velour30: 35-mile road distance – $30
Corduroy11: 11-mile family road ride – $15

Participation Field Limits:

ToughSkin150: 150-mile distance – 500 individual participants
Husky100: 100-mile distance – 500 individual participants
Denim60: 60-mile distance – Unlimited
Polyester100: 100-mile road distance – 1,000 individual participants
Rayon60: 60-mile road distance – Unlimited
Velour30: 30-mile road distance – Unlimited
Corduroy11: 11-mile family road ride – Unlimited

General Registration Information:

  • Only one registration per person.
  • A parent or legal guardian must register for a minor, including signing a day-of-event waiver. Minors will not be allowed to participate without a parent of legal guardian present at the start. No minors under the age of 16 will be allowed to participate in the ToughSkin150.
  • Registration is first come first served until registration per event is full.
  • The first 100 total top-five finishers of any Men’s or Women’s Gravel Race in the US greater than 50 miles in distance, within a one-year period (September 21, 2018 – September 21, 2019), will be allowed to register for free for the ToughSkin150 or Husky100. Entrants must email the event director at granfondo@spinthedistrict.com with proof of your results to gain a free entry code. (Please include your email address.) The event director reserves the right to deny a free registrant at their discretion.
  • Consideration will be given to multi-year finishers if registration is full.
  • The registration process shall be at the sole discretion of the event director, whose decisions and interpretations shall be final and binding.
  • The event director reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or modify the selection process at any time and for any reason.
  • The event director reserves the right to modify/alter any of the event courses, at their discretion, at any time, for the safety of riders, or for unforeseen events detrimental to the event.
  • The event director reserves the right, at their discretion, to disqualify any individual they suspect or believe to be in violation of these rules, or acting in such a way as to be detrimental to the integrity of this event and the community.
  • The event director shall not be responsible for incomplete entries, declined credit cards, or entries received after the application deadline for any reason.

Refunds and Transfers, and Deferrals:

  • All registration fees are final and non-refundable.
  • Event registrations may be transferred, if done so before the deadline of Sept 19, 2019.

How to transfer

  1. If my event is closed can participants still transfer?
  2. No, if your event is closed participants can no longer transfer their category.
  1. If a category is full will participants still be able to transfer into it?
  2. No, a filled category will not take any more participants, including transfers.
  1. Can participants move into a less expensive category?
  2. Yes, but they will not be refunded for the difference in price.
  1. Can participants move into a more expensive category?
  2. Yes, you will be charged the difference and be prompted to checkout again.
  1. Can participants update contact information or custom question answers during this process?
  2. Yes, participants will be able to change their contact information if they wish and change their custom question answers.
  1. Can participants transfer into a restricted category?
  2. As with any online registration in a category with age, gender, or ability restrictions, if the participant does not meet the restrictions, they will see a warning message explaining the restrictions.
  1. How does the invite process work for participants to transfer their registration to someone else?
  2. If a participant wishes to transfer their registration to a different participant they can click on ‘Edit’ under their entry and choose ‘Transfer Registration’. Here they will be prompted to enter in the email address of the person receiving the transfer and click the button again. Once the email has been sent, the person receiving the transfer will need to go through the checkout process to receive the transferred registration. They will need to go through this process regardless of whether the transfer includes a surcharge. Once the transfer is successful the original participant will receive a confirmation email.