Official Routes Announced

By Wayne Whitesides

We’ve been busy, busy beavers over the past few weeks, figuring out logistics for our timing segments and finalizing the routes. We’re really stoked with the courses and new additions.

Blurry… bumpy… pre-course ride picture. Road & Gravel routes have been ridden and are final. It’s time to get excited.


Let’s start with the start times as we had to make a few adjustments to keep our timed segments from overlapping. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF YOUR TIME!

ToughSkin150 – 7:00 AM
Husky100 – 7:15 AM
Denim60 – 7:30 AM

Polyester100 – 8:30 AM
Rayon60 – 9:15 AM
Velour30 – 10:00 AM
Corduroy10 – 11:00 AM


Start/Finish: Union City City Hall – 5047 Union Street, Union City, GA 30291


We’ve added timed segments to this year. Remember this isn’t a “race,” but we want it to be competitive, and we have to give the giant belts to someone. Here’s how the timed segments are going to work. The Toughskin150, Husky100, AND Denim60 gravel options will have timed segments, as will the road Polyester100. It’s pretty simple to win the belt, have the best overall time through all the segments! Please refer to the Ride Bible for full details.

We know, we know, this is different than last year and we still want to reward the riders who come back the quickest (While following all traffic laws!). We have some Jim Dandy medals for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place for each of the listed categories for each route. You’ll still get your time listed for all the 2019 glory you can handle, great podium photo op, and a big ole handshake from me or Barman (or a hug if you’re a hugger, though I’m not sure if Barman does hugs?)

Just to confirm you heard it. All mixed-gravel DENIM60 riders you now have a belt! Please refer to the Ride Bible for full details.


All the routes are finalized and can be downloaded to your computer or phone. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE download the routes to at least your phone. If you don’t have the ridewithgps app, we’d recommend downloading it. It’s a great tool and will keep you on course. We will be marking the courses on Thursday, but we can’t guarantee that someone who hates signs will not mess with them.

If you want to go old school with cue sheets, you need to PRINT THE CUE SHEETS YOURSELF. There are too many for us to print and keep track of. We, of course, agree with embracing technology and using your phone.


The ride bible is complete and ready to be downloaded. Within it, we have included all the rules, regulations, recommendations and notes for each ride. Please read the Ride Bible before the start.