Don’t overpay when you roll through the A! Treat yourself to fine accommodations for a steal in the ATL Airport District. Not only are these the nearest hotels to Spin the District’s three Crits, and not only are they smack in the middle of all the Speed Week venues, but District hotels offer a 30% average savings over downtown Atlanta hotels. Which is ridiculous. Like, so cheap. And the hotels are nice. Stars on stars.

2023 Host Hotel: Hotel Indigo

NOT. ONLY. THAT. Somehow, there’s still more: If you book online through this link by April 14, Hotel Indigo is extending a special nightly rate of only $124 plus tax for Speed Weekend (April 28–30). We’re talking about a hotel that’s less than three blocks from the College Park race course. It’s a literal five-minute walk (two minutes by bike). Wild, right? We thought it sounded too good to be true. We were like, whaaat? no way, and they were like, who let you in here, and we said we’d gladly produce the handcuff key just as soon as we got confirmation that this deal was for real, and it is! So, look, not to tell you your business, but you probably want to go ahead and book this one before somebody over there comes to their senses.

Thousands of Rooms to Choose From

The ATL Airport District has over 7,000 hotel rooms, so there’s a just-right choice for even the Goldilockin’est of travelers. And since several District hotels also offer free shuttle service to and from the airport, a ride is one less thing you’ll need to arrange for your sweet Atlanta getaway.