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Kids Racing at the College Park and Hapeville Criteriums

We’ll have kids races both Saturday and Sunday. Bring the kiddos out to be part of the action and start their racing career off right. Just before the pro-women head to the line, we’ll kick off the evening races with two show-stopping events for the next generation of racers: 1) those who have been riding …

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Saddle Up for Cyclo de Mayo

In Hapeville, a Criterium and a mechanical bull go together like tacos ‘n margaritas. The exciting street races of Spin the District will zip alongside Hapeville’s Cinco de Mayo Festival on Saturday, May 4, 2019. Go ahead and throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care because this will …

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The Crits Just Keep On Comin’

Do we seem a little smug this year? That’s because Spin the District is pleased as spiked punch to be featured as part of USA Crits, a series of Criterium races around the country that attract the speediest of the speedy speed racers. Criterium races are the backbone of American bike racing, taking place on …

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