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Four distances, smooth as butter.

Get pumped for year three of the Spin the District Union City Gravel Grind and Gran Fondo! We’ve been called one of the best Gran Fondo values in the country, and so deeply has this honor touched our asphalty little hearts that we’re doubling down for 2020. Even more weekend fun. Even more day-of challenges. Even more, more, more post-ride entertainment.

Why Union City?
Lots of reasons!

  • Union City loves cyclists. It feels good to ride where you’re wanted.
  • The start line is the gateway to horse country. It’s shocking how quickly you can go from the concrete congestion of Atlanta to unspoiled rural vistas.
  • It’s only 10 miles from the World’s Busiest Airport. ATL has more direct flights than any other U.S. airport, delivering you and your bike affordably and conveniently, just up the road from the race.

Plus Union City is part of the ATL Airport District, which boasts over 8,000 hotel rooms (priced an average of 30% cheaper than downtown Atlanta) within minutes of our start line. Oh, and incredible restaurants. Oh, and tons of other stuff to do in addition to our spectacular event. So bring your buds, your loves, your family units, or just yourself—but you’ll want to make a weekend out of it.

What’s so special about this Grand Fondo versus all the others, though?
We. Are. So. Glad. You. Asked.

First, this isn’t just an amazing day of rides (although it is an amazing day of rides, if we haven’t tortured that point enough yet). It’s a whole weekend of legitimately awesome activities:

  • Arrive sometime Friday, settle in, and join us for an evening party at the Velodrome with food, beer, a DJ, and people who love cycling.
  • Take it easy the next morning, then hop on your bike to join our Beltline Brew Tour Saturday, where visits to two nearby bars and five Atlanta breweries will take us into the city and back again.
  • And then get a good night’s rest, because Sunday is Sunday. You’ll ride until your metaphorical wheels fall off (we have SAG support for your literal wheels—it’s all covered in the Ride Bible), and upon returning, you’ll find the post-ride party in full swing: food, beer, music, massages, and more. You’ll be treated like royalty as you come down from your post-ride high. Grimy, sweaty royalty.

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