The Crits Just Keep On Comin’

Do we seem a little smug this year? That’s because Spin the District is pleased as spiked punch to be featured as part of USA Crits, a series of Criterium races around the country that attract the speediest of the speedy speed racers. Criterium races are the backbone of American bike racing, taking place on urban streets in the midst of fans and partygoers, and utilizing a very specific set of skills—skills that are scored and ranked differently from other types of racing, with races-within-a-race and special victories for riders to compete for. But what really sells us on a Criterium is that the race itself is only the half of it. The energy and excitement of a Criterium comes from the spectators and revelers who come out to enjoy the food, drink and camaraderie. We love us a good Crit, and USA Crits is the final word.

So when you see us out there, join in our little victory dance, because ATL Airport District is beyond proud to have our own Criterium races recognized—not just as part of the esteemed USA Crits lineup, but as the finals of USA Crits Speed Week. It’s a Criterium-packed week of races in different cities around the Southeast, and the excitement will come to a head right here in Hapeville and College Park, where the week’s winners will be determined. This is big, y’all. We’re gonna need to learn some new dance moves.