Have you achieved good results lately? Come check out the ToughSkin Open and save some green. We’re offering free ToughSkin Open registration for the first 50 male and 50 female registrants that have placed in the top 5 of any 60-mile-plus Gravel RaceGrinder, or Gravel Gran Fondo from January 1, 2021 – August 1, 2022. Not a top 5 finisher yet? Put the pedal to the metal in this year’s Toughskin Open to compete for free registration in 2023.

Email us your results today to get your code for free registration. If you haven’t qualified for a freebie yet but you think you might in 2022, go ahead and register now to reserve your spot; you can email us when you win and we’ll work it out then. Oh, and don’t forget to book accommodations while the booking is good. Although Union City is exquisite for cycling, the gravel is not that great to sleep on.

Who we’ve found so far

If you’re one of the winners listed below (or if you’ve got the results but we haven’t listed your race yet), heck yeah! Let’s make sure you’re registered!

If you know somebody on the list, also heck yeah! You’re friends (or frenemies, coworkers, distant acquaintances) with a kickass rider who’s earned a sweet perk. Send ’em a link to make sure they register so y’all can ride together. Or against each other. We’re cool with whatever the situation is, though Mario Kart-style antics are prohibited. Our routes are treacherous enough, thanks.

Event name MenRider NameResultEvent name WomenRider NameResult
Spin the District ToughskinJohn Atkins1Spin the District ToughskinSue Neurath1
Pete Edmonson2
Michael Zinkann3
Chad Conley4
Justin Pugh5
Spin the District Denim60Will Gillen1Spin the District Denim60Melissa Whitley1
Kenneth Wood2Teresa Rose2
Nathan Brown3Jennifer Klein3
Taylor Gonsoulin4Kathleen LaPorte4
Flynn Whitehurst5Claire Colbert5
Southern Cross, GAMatthew Dockins1Southern Cross, GALauren De Crescenzo1
Jerry Dufour2Hannah Arensman2
Carson Beckett3Hannah Dalsing3
Thomas Turner4Kat Sweatt4
Jack White5Isabella Hyser5
Red Clay Ramble Long, GAJaden Grimes1Red Clay Ramble Long, GAAli Lecraw1
James Carney2Gillis Rowston2
Michael Sanders3Jenna Rittenhouse3
Julien Meaud4Wendy Jacobsen4
Dylan Lindsey5Rhys Young5
Red Clay Ramble Short, GAJackson Evans1Red Clay Ramble Short, GAMaggie Evans1
Drake Lindsey2Saskia Hoppe2
John Sasser3Jean D’Alessandro3
Sean Hulse4Tyler Houston4
Raniel Dantic5Renee Weidner5
Kissing Bridge Classic Long, GAJames Dunaway1Kissing Bridge Classic Long, GAElizabeth Eidson1
Arthur Murray2Abigail West2
Patrick Markarian3Wendy Jacobsen3
Tristan Haseler4Wendy Ewing4
Levi Cole5Beth White5
Kissing Bridge Classic Short, GASean Hulse1Kissing Bridge Classic Short, GASaskia Hoppe1
Chuck Wilkinson2Lynn Burch2
Brian Brown3Isabella Posth3
Doug Day4Kim Ranallo4
Amy Price5
Assault On Currahee Mountain Long, GAAndrew Blackstock1Assault On Currahee Mountain Long, GARhylee Wittrock1
Ben Renkema2Saskia Hoppe2
Jaden Grimes3Amy Price3
Conley Wilhelm4
James Carney5
Assault On Currahee Mountain Short, GATaylor Gonsoulin1Assault On Currahee Mountain Short, GAAbigail West1
Jonathan Ivester2Elizabeth Murray2
Michael Mack3Kate Crockett3
Brian Brown4Laura Battista4
David Tiller5Mindy Garvin-Leighton5
Mulberry Mayhem Long, GAElliott Baring1Mulberry Mayhem Long, GASara Fletcher1
Thomas Turner2Krystal Burnham2
Andrew Blackstock3Courtney Cooper3
Michael Sanders4Erin Harris4
Ben Renkema5Monica Desjardins5
Mulberry Mayhem Short, GATaylor Gonsoulin1Mulberry Mayhem Short, GAAriel Johnson1
Charles Haws2
Jason Cormier3
Colby Doepel4
Doug Day5
Georgia Gravel Grinduro, GAReny Townsend1Georgia Gravel Grinduro, GANicole Blessing1
Carlos Pacheco2
Jaden Grimes3
Nate Moser4
Luis Berrios5
Georgia Gravel Sramble, GAAustin Noyes1Georgia Gravel Sramble, GAAlynn Lecznar1
Timothy Brown2Margaret Bishop2
Prasad Manne3
Rod Fortney4
David Bishop5