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ToughSkin Open


COST: $90
FIELD LIMIT: 250/250
MILEAGE: 118 miles*
ELEVATION: 8,000’*
% OF GRAVEL: 55%


  • Entry into the event, of course
  • Ride t-shirt and ride badge
  • Aid station snacks
  • Post-ride food and festivities

DATE: October 22, 2022

The Toughskin Open will be a hard-as-nails blend of whatever heaven and earth throws at us. A bunch of gravel here, some asphalt there, dirt, sand, grass, water, obstacles —we figured we’d try to include just about everything short of lava. For 250 committed riders, it will be punishing and relentless, yet satisfyingly good for the soul. Heck, it even comes with soup.


We are working on the 2022 route, guaranteed to warm the soul. For 2021, the route was 116-miles… YIKES! We had four aid stations, roughly at miles 15, 39, 83, and 96. There were also three timed segments if you are going for the belt. See the race bible for timed segment details. The route was a darn near 55% gravel and 5% single-track, with a total elevation gain of 7,000′, which gave us plenty of warm fuzzies. On a scale of one to ten, ten being a giant can of whoop-ass, we believe last year’s route was a solid seven kicks in the pants. For 2022, we’re gunning for the same amount of kicks, maybe a few more. The course will include a little road, a lot of gravel, plus mountain and cyclocross features, along with several creek crossings, making it a true mixed-surface event.

The goal of the course.

Create an exciting and challenging route that most mortals will need to train a good bit for, constructed to push you to—and maybe beyond—your limits while beaming from ear to ear.

  1. Designed to be suited to win on a gravel bike, but…
  2. Maybe with enough single track that a mountain bike could be the pro move, or…
  3. The roadie finds just enough pavement – puts on his best Paris-Roubaix face – avoids all the flats, and dodges just enough obstacles, or…
  4. Since we’ll be almost into Cross season, the CX’er, wakes up late, drinks a sixer beforehand, and crushes everyone?

With its limited SAG support, soul-crushing time cuts, and field limits guaranteed to give you plenty of alone time, we fully admit that this adventure is not for everyone. We made it that way on purpose. To finish is an accomplishment and comes with a badge of honor. To win secures your claim as the best in the South…and scores you one hell of a giant belt.

Make sure to keep up with us through our blog.

Start/Finish address will always be at Union City City Hall – 5047 Union Street, Union City, GA 30291



Just in case you don’t believe us, here’s what we were told about last year.

JOM (Gravelcyslist.com) Husky100 – If you reckon there’s no gravel to be found near Atlanta, you would be very wrong. Overall, a great day complimented by hanging out at the start / finish line with new friends, enjoying food and beverages provided by the promoter to every entrant. Mark Spin the District on your calendar for 2020. (Read the full article here or watch the video)

Jason Hanlin Husky100 – Hard as h#ll ride, but a post-party worth every bit of pain. I’m already getting ready for 2020.

Dennis Decker Toughskin150 – Come for the gnar, stay for the party! This was one of the best-run events I have ever done. Top-notch from the start/finish, the overall route, the timed-segments, to the well-stocked SAG stops. A big, big bang for your buck.


We want our Gravel Grind participants to ride the ride the way they want to ride. Fast, slow, medium-fast, lightspeed—we’re here for all of it. If you’re the type to take your time, stop and smell the gravel, and really experience the route’s stunning natural scenery, be our guest. All participants who complete this punishing course will receive the satisfaction of a tough job well done and an exclusive Spin the District embroidered patch. (Good luck finding either one on eBay.) If you want to skip the scenery and go for the gold, we’ll cheer you on. The top three ToughSkin-Open riders from each category will receive the patch, an event medal, and free registration for next year’s event. In addition, the first-place finisher from the Time Segment Challenge, regardless of category, for both men and women will also receive a year of fame on our website and social media, and a giant, badass belt. (It won’t fit through your belt loops, but your pants will stay up from sheer intimidation.)


More challenging segments are in store for 2022 where we will offer a Time Segment Challenge for the participants of the road Rayon100 event and the Toughskin Open versions. The winner of each Time Segment Challenge will be rewarded a custom, giant badass belt. (Think All-star wrestling big) To win the Time Segment Challenge, you must have the fastest overall accumulative time of the segments provided for each event. For this year’s Toughskin Open course there will be at least one time segment for each riding style discipline (Road, Gravel, MTB and Cyclocross) With multiple gravel segments for sure. See the Race Bible for full details

Calling out the best of the best

Have you had good results this year past year? Come check out the ToughSkin and save some green. If you’ve placed in the top 5 of any Gravel Race, Grinder, or Gravel Gran Fondo that’s 60 miles or more this since January 1, 2021 – August 1, 2022, we’re offering you free registration for the first 50 male and 50 female riders into the ToughSkin-Open. This ain’t our first rodeo, but it is the only the third time wrangling these particular bulls with these particular clowns. (We’re so much better at planning rides than metaphors.) Come on, take us up on it—what have you got to lose? Not a top 5 finisher? Don’t worry if you don’t qualify for free registration this year. Put the pedal to the metal in this year’s Toughskin Open to compete for free registration in 2023. 

Please see our registration page for complete details.

Fees & Field Limits

Field Limit: 250 men, 250 women

ToughSkin Open Classes and Entry Fees:
Men’s Open (18+) $90
Men’s Master 40+ $90
Women’s Open (18+) $90
Women’s Master 40+ $90
Single Speed – Men $90
Single Speed – Women $90
Tandem (Open gender/age) $180 Per Team

Registration is first-come, first-served until we fill up.

Day of Registration: $10 Additional per category if space is available.

Day-of does not include a t-shirt with registration. For complete registration details, including transfers, refunds, field limits, etc. go to our registration page.

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