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ToughSkin Open


Type: Gravel

Difficulty: Extreme

Mileage: 200k (123-miles)

Elevation: 7,500+

% of Gravel: 50%

% of Single Track: 5%

Aid Stops: 4

COST: $90

DATE: October 22, 2022



  • Entry into the event, of course
  • Ride t-shirt and ride badge
  • Aid station snacks
  • Post-ride food and festivities

Would you like FREE registration?

If you have a top 50 result from last year you could be riding on us.
Check the Top 50 Results section before registering.

Toughskin Open – A tough-as-nails 50/50 blend of the finest road and gravel in the Southeast. We’re talking roughly 8,000 feet of climbing and 35-ish gravel segments. Stream crossings. Dirt. Gravel. Sand. All that, mixed in with buttery smooth tarmac, is guaranteed to push you to—and maybe beyond—your limits. This is a rough-riding adventure with limited sag support, soul-crushing time cuts, and the kind of field limits that guarantee you plenty of time alone to appreciate the scenery. We fully admit it’s not for everyone, and that’s no accident. To finish is an accomplishment. To win the time segment challenge cements your name among the best in the South—and earns you a really cool belt.

Time Checks

This year, we are adding time checks with mandatory route cut-offs. With the later start in the year, we are losing precious daylight both at the beginning and the end of the day, and we do not want riders out riding in the dark; plus, we want you back in time for all the post-ride food and fun. 

Time Check 1: At mile 39, you must pass through no later than 3.5hrs from the start (roughly 11:15). If it is later, please CAREFULLY cross over South Fulton Pkwy to the trail along the shoulder to the Dirty Sheets gate to shorten the course. Once you go through the gate, you will return to the original route. We will have signs directing you. This Alt route will still give you 76 miles on the day and a sweet completion patch for your accomplishment.

Time Check 2: At mile 49, you must pass through no later than 4.5 hours from the start (roughly 12:15). If it is later, please turn left at the intersection (there will be a sign), and follow that road to Jones Mill Rd, turn left on Jones Mill, heading south for 2-miles. Turn left onto Hutchenson Ferry Rd, where you will return to the original route. We will have signs directing you. This Alt route will still give you 100 miles on the day and a sweet completion patch for your accomplishment.

Course Map

Update: Oct 20 – Unfortunately we ran out of time for the easements I was trying to get. It looks like we will be able to use them next year however. The course is still great and you probably won’t event notice, and some of you may thank me for not including the two 20% hills =)

We did get approval from Martin Marietta to allow us to go down into their rock quarry. Not just through it, but down deep into it. Thank you for patience and understanding as we work to finalize the route.

This will send you to a Dropbox folder with ALL of the final course routes. Please select the correct distance and type of file that your GPS devise needs.


We want our Gravel Grind participants to ride the ride the way they want to ride. Fast, slow, medium-fast, lightspeed—we’re here for all of it. If you’re the type to take your time, stop and smell the gravel, and really experience the route’s stunning natural scenery, be our guest. All participants who complete this punishing course will receive the satisfaction of a tough job well done and an exclusive Spin the District embroidered patch. (Good luck finding either of those on eBay.)

However, if you want to skip the scenery and go for the gold, we’ll cheer you on. The top three ToughSkin Open riders from each category will receive the patch, an event medal, and free registration for next year’s event. In addition, the first place finisher from the Time Segment Challenge, regardless of category, for both men and women will also receive a year of fame on our website and social media, and a giant badass belt. (It won’t fit through your belt loops, but your pants will stay up from sheer intimidation.)


Even more challenging segments are in store for 2022, when we’ll offer a Time Segment Challenge for the participants of the road Rayon100 event as well as the Toughskin Open. The winner of each Time Segment Challenge will be awarded a giant badass Spin the District Union City Fondo 2022 all-star-wrestling-style belt. To win the Time Segment Challenge, you must have the fastest overall cumulative time of the segments provided for each event. This year’s Toughskin Open course will have at least one Time Segment for each discipline (Road, Gravel, MTB and Cyclocross), with multiple gravel segments confirmed. See the Race Bible for full details.


Have you had good results this past year? Come check out the ToughSkin Open and save some green. If you’ve placed in the top five of any Gravel Race, Grinder, or Gravel Gran Fondo that’s 60 miles or more this between January 1, 2021 and August 1, 2022, we’re offering free registration for the first 50 male and 50 female riders to register for the ToughSkin Open. This ain’t our first rodeo, but it is only our fourth time wrangling these particular bulls with these particular clowns. (We’re so much better at planning rides than metaphors.) Come on, take us up on it—what have you got to lose? Email us your results at granfondo@spinthedistrict.com and we’ll get your set-up.

Not a top five finisher? Don’t worry if you don’t qualify for free registration this year. Put the pedal to the metal in this year’s Toughskin Open to compete for free registration in 2023.


Field Limit: 250 men, 250 women

ToughSkin Open Classes and Entry Fees:
Men’s Open (18+) $90
Men’s Master 40+ $90
Women’s Open (18+) $90
Women’s Master 40+ $90
Single Speed – Men $90
Single Speed – Women $90
Tandem (Open gender/age) $180 Per Team

Registration is first-come, first-served until we fill up.

Day of Registration: $10 Additional per category if space is available.

Day-of does not include a t-shirt with registration. For complete registration details, including transfers, refunds, field limits, etc. go to our registration page.

Don’t forget to check out our hotel packages before registering ’cause you could be registering for free!

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