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Union City Fondo Ride Bible (2021)

Final 2021 Ride Bible coming soon. We’ll post updates along with a printable version in August when all routes are finalized.


  • ALL RIDERS MUST OBEY ALL STATE ROAD LAWS FOR CYCLING. THIS IS AN OPEN COURSE EVENT. If you need a refresher: https://www.bicyclegeorgia.com/galaw.html.
  • YOU ARE RIDING AT YOUR OWN RISK: You (the participant) understand that you are riding on public roads, that there are inherent dangers of riding your bicycle on them, that you are riding at your own risk, and that by participating you accept those risks. You are ultimately responsible for your own personal safety. We will have a waiver for you to sign at the morning check-in.
  • MINORS must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • BE COURTEOUS: For the occasional vehicle, please provide them with space to pass you safely. Let’s work together to keep the event fun for you and painless for them. 
  • BUSIER ROADS: The vast majority of roads selected are cycling friendly. There are a couple of roads and intersections that are a little busier than others. These locations are clearly marked on your maps. Please be aware of them. Ride single file on these few roads and be extra cautious crossing them. 
  • STOP SIGNS: YOU MUST OBEY THEM. This is an open road course, meant to be a fun and safe ride with friends through the back roads of Atlanta. You must stop at all stop signs. Failure to do so will result in the rider being removed from the event and that rider will not be allowed back to any Spin the District event. 
  • MUSIC & HEADPHONES: It is illegal to ride a bike with headphones, so please leave them at home. We also ask that you keep your portable speakers at home as well. (Or turn them down so that only you can hear them.) It is a hazard and distraction for you and others, and it’s not fair to make other riders listen to your music.
  • TIME SEGMENTS: Several of the segments include stop signs. We chose these roads due to the limited vehicle traffic on them and the ability to maximize the segment lengths; however, this event is an open road event, meaning you have to stop and wait until it is clear for you to continue. Our time segments are a quasi-competition, and we assume you are going to try your best to win the belt—but don’t risk your life and others’ by being stupid. 
  • OVERALL TIME: We will be keeping track of your overall time and awarding medals per category listed on the registration page. None of the Spin the District Fondo and Gravel Grind events are races, and if a rider is found to be disobeying any traffic laws, cutting the course, or taking unnecessary risks, their time will be removed from our records and any awards won will be returned. 


  • START/END: This is not a race. Please use caution coming back into Union city and obey all traffic laws.
  • FAYETTEVILLE RD CAUTION: To and from the start/finish puts you on Fayetteville Rd. Please use a little caution on this road. ALSO, on your way back be on the lookout for GOODSON RD. It’s a weird left that a few riders missed last time. IF YOU GO UNDER INTERSTATE 85 YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR. 
  • BE COURTEOUS: We can’t stress this enough. We want everyone to have a wonderful day, and that means everyone. Please be aware of any traffic that is around you and work with them. Ride single file if needed, help them know if there is traffic coming and give them a thank you wave if warranted. We all need to work together and we need to make sure that WE the cyclists are always taking the high road. 
  • DOG CAUTION: We have ridden all of these routes numerous times and have modified the course to try to avoid any aggressive animals that could be on the course. We’re not saying there won’t be dogs, but we believe we have bypassed the worst offenders. We have never had problems with any dogs on the current course. DOG CONTACT RECOMMENDATION: Yelling at an aggressive dog, swinging bike pumps, and squirting them should be your last resort, not your first. A dog’s instinct is to chase, but most are just curious and won’t get too close to you or even leave the yard if you ignore them; when you start yelling, they feel threatened and are more likely to get more aggressive. Hold your line, because you might be around other riders. Stay calm and keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get in your way. Try talking to them like your own (or your friend’s) pets. 
  • SAG SUPPORT: We will have plenty of aid stops on all the routes. We will also have vehicles roaming the courses towards the end of the day. If you have a mechanical, please contact Michael Barman at 678-575-4684 to let him know where you are. Make sure your mechanical is not fixable by you or another rider first! This should be your last option. We cannot guarantee when we can get you, but we will do our best to make it in a timely manner. You may end up having to wait at a SAG stop until we can get you back to the finish. Remember we have six other courses going on at the same time. Each stop will be well supplied with drinks, bars, snacks, and basic tools to keep you going. 
  • OUTSIDE SUPPORT: No outside support will be allowed at the SAG stations, minus the halfway stop for the Toughskin Open. If you would like to follow your rider(s) to meet at other points along the route, please do so using main roads that intersect. DO NOT DRIVE ON THE COURSE! Anyone found following the course in a vehicle will be removed including the rider(s) being supported. Please, please, please avoid all the courses. 
  • GEAR & YOUR BIKE: Please have your bike serviced before the event. Make sure your tires are in good shape, your brakes are working correctly, and your bike is shifting right. BRING at least one extra tube (more if you’re doing one of the longer riders), CO2 cartridges or pump, tire levers and maybe a patch kit. (Toughskin Open riders, see recommendation list of gear below.)
  • CELL SERVICE: Be aware that cell service can become spotty for the shorter routes, and for the longer rides it may be limited in places. There’s not a lot we can do about it but make you aware.


  • WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING A COMPUTER WITH GPS. We will provide downloadable TCX files via email a week prior. You will also be able to download the files from each route page on our website. Make sure your map says “FINAL 2021” on it.
  • If you don’t have a computer with GPS, then use your phone by downloading the “Ride with GPS” app. When you click on your map within your route page on the Spin the District website, it will automatically open the app. Click “Navigate” and then “Start”. Your phone will prompt you on which way to go.
  • The course will be marked with 12×12 corrugated signs with route and directions on the side of the road. We will do our best to mark the course as clearly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that signs won’t blow down, be taken, or just get missed. ALL RIDERS SHOULD STUDY THEIR ROUTES PRIOR TO RIDING so that you can become familiar with some of the road names, support stops and key intersections.
  • We WILL NOT BE PROVIDING printed cue sheets at the start. You can, however, print the cue sheet from the map on your routes web page. Click on the “View Full Version” within the map area. It will bring up a new page from ridewithgps.com. In the top left corner click on the “More” button, and scroll down to print cue sheet.




Info coming soon


Info coming soon


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Info coming soon


Back for 2021 is our Time Segment Challenge for the participants of the road Rayon100 event and the gravel Toughskin Open versions. The winner of each Time Segment Challenge will be rewarded a custom, giant badass belt. (Think All-star wrestling big.) To win the Time Segment Challenge, you must have the fastest overall cumulative time of the segments provided for each event. (Total segments coming shortly.)

We will provide at the morning check-in a sensor chip to put on your front fork. (Don’t get too attached, we’ll need them back, or we’ll have to charge you for it!) Each segment will have a designated start and end sensor that will be clearly marked. To win is simple: go through them as fast—YET AS SAFELY—as you can. Back at home base we’ll be keeping track of everyone’s times and adding them all together. The fastest cumulative time of all the segments for your event will be the winner and awarded the belt for your event. Remember, this ride, while we want you to ride it how you want, we’re honestly doing this for fun and your safety is our top priority. Please read the Road Safety section of the Race Bible to keep yourself in our good graces. 


Info coming soon

Complete List of Segments

Segments coming soon


Union City City Hall
5047 Union Street, Union City, GA 30291


There is street parking, as well as parking behind City Hall, the Police Station, the County Jail and various other locations around downtown. Please DO NOT park in the Green Manor parking lot. They are open, and their lot is reserved for customers. And do not block any driveways. 


All rides are staggered based on ride length. (See event times on the registration page.) For the timed events (Polyester100, Toughskin Open), there will be a “Truths” neutral zone until you cross over Broad Street in Fairburn onto Rivertown Rd. Ride as a group until this point, 3.5-miles from the start. 


Please arrive in Union City at least 45 minutes prior to your departure time so that we have time to get you checked in. Day of registration will close 30 minutes before each start time. Be at the designated staging area 15 minutes prior to your start time. 


Check back, this is subject to change.


ToughSkin Open – 7:30 AM
Denim60 – 8:15 AM


Polyester100 – 7:45 AM
Rayon60 – 8:30 AM
Velour30 – 9:00 AM



Gravel sectors rank from easy to challenging and may include gravel of various sizes, sand, mud, dirt, clay, sticks, branches, deep ruts and/or ravines, fallen trees, water crossings, and even boulders. Single track includes all of the above, just in a much tighter space. All gravel riders assume their own risk on gravel. 


Gravel is ranked by Wayne’s sophisticated ranking system and subject to change as his butt and arm soreness dictates. 

2019 Rankings: 2021 coming soon
One Star Gravel: Florence Rd
Two Star Gravel: Hall Rd, E. Carrol Rd, Horsely Dr, Old Driver Rd, Pate Rd, Hall Rd, Old Lowell Mill Rd, Checker Rd
Three Star Gravel: Jones Rd, W. Carrol Rd, Consolation Church Rd, Howard Rd, Whopping Creek Rd, Shirley Dairy Rd, Banks Cir, Old 4 Notch Rd, Giley Rd, Guthrie Rd, Old Military Rd, Old Jones Rd, Ephesus Church Rd, Weaver Rd, Whiteside, Jones Ferry Rd, Hopkins, Old Rico Rd,
Four Star Gravel: Upper Wooten, Horsely Mill Rd, Star Point, Vernon Grove Rd, Rico Tatum, Philips Rd, Williams Rd
Five Star Gravel: Acorn Creek Rd