Check Out These Top Merch Results

With only a few short days until Spin the District 2021 kicks off at the Hapeville and College Park Crits, Spin HQ has officially received all of this year’s merch and swag deliveries. We were going to surprise you, but that was before we saw this stuff in person. Turns out it’s too good to keep a lid on! Here’s what we’ve got, what you’ll get, and how to get your hands on the rest.

For purchase on race days: 2021 Event T-shirts and Hats

This year’s limited edition “I Want to Ride My 🚲” Spin the District t-shirt design is like the chic B-side to our 2018 smash hit “Get on Your Bike and Ride” shirt—but it’s the kind of B-side that ultimately upstages the original single. That shirt brought us fame and fortune and everything that goes with it, but this is one will rock you.

The hats? Truly a rhapsody. We highly recommend picking one up at your earliest convenience, because we can’t imagine they will stay in stock for long.

These items can be purchased at all Spin events, as well as during rider packet pickups and the HandleBar crawl. RIDER BONUS: One free t-shirt is included with every rider registration.

Free on race days: Cowbells and Stickers

Then there’s the stuff we all get just for showing up on Spin days (while supplies last)! This year we’ve got two awesome oversized sticker designs—our classic logo sticker and our new Friendship Circle design—plus a nice, loud red cowbell for your collection. Come on out, watch a race, snag some goodies, and ring that bell.

Free for all volunteers: Volunteer T-shirts

On race days, look for volunteers in these fun light blue shirts. This design is an exclusive gift just for volunteers. If you’re feeling covetous, it’s not too late to sign up for a Spinster shift at one of our upcoming events.

Free for winners: Belts, Medals and Patches

These are the toughest items to snag, but boy, are they worth it!

Spin the District medals are awarded to first, second and third place finishers in all races with paid registration.

Spin the District ribbons are awarded to all riders in our kids’ races on both Crit days (Hapeville and College Park). They look great on a backpack.

The Fondo event in October will offer embroidered Spin the District century patches for all Toughskin Open and Polyester100 finishers.

That big, shiny wrestling belt? We’ve got two of those for the overall winners (Men and Women) for both combined days of the upcoming Crits; two more for the overall winners (Men and Women) at the Omni; and four for the fastest Time Segment riders (Men and Women) for the Toughskin Open and Polyester100 rides at the Fondo. What is that, eight? Eight belts? Eight belts, y’all. And it only takes one to be branded a champion for life.